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Old Friends and New Alliances

"Our mission is going very well here. Despite the ungodly heat and humidity we are overwhelmed by the gratitude and warmth of the Liberians we meet with. The rest of the group leaves today but Lyn and I stay one more week for additional work at Hope Mission school. We are seeing old friends and forming new alliances for future projects here." - John Kucij

The Journey Continues

More images from our team at the Roland Woheel Memorial Institute

A Liberian Welcome

"Pictures can only scrape the surface of our experience thus far. We have been met with such warmth and sincere gratitude that it cancels out the oppressive heat and humidity." -John Kucij, Westminster's Supervisor for our Hope Mission School Project Traditionally-attired Liberian Dancers who danced at the welcoming ceremony for the team from Westminster. Pastor Jim Reisner can be seen in the background. Our very own Westminster church school members used to wear dance skirts just like these in these performances at WPC when dancing with the local Liberian Association dance group. Our team gets to know life at Hope Mission School in many ways. Martha Reisner, Fatmata Hilton, and Lyn Kucij,

First Visit to Hope Mission School

The team has arrived safely in Liberia and made their first visit to Hope Mission School. From Martha: "Most of the students came all the way out to the main road to greet us. One group of girls danced, and then we started walking to the school, probably more than a mile up. It started raining but we kept going until the rain got heavier and our van picked us up and took us the rest of the way. Two shots are from the top of the existing school rooms, where they've started on the next classrooms. If you zoom in on the distance shot, you'll see Jim's (green shirt) talking to a few students in their last year (10th grade). The other rooftop shot is students dancing and singing after the assembl

A Farewell

Beloved Westminster Community, It is with a full heart that I share with you that I have accepted a call to serve as the solo pastor of Culver City Presbyterian Church in Southern California. This is an exciting opportunity, and I hope you will pray for me as I prepare to take it on. Consequently, I must resign as your Associate Pastor. My last Sunday at Westminster will be June 5, 2016. I have loved serving God with you at Westminster for nearly six years. God has blessed and nurtured me with season after season of new challenges and new growth. It has been a great privilege for me to offer my best in service to God and you. The church I am going to offers me new possibilities and opp

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