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When Values Collide

My paternal grandmother believed that guns should not be toys and toy guns were not to be given to her grandsons. Such was her force of will that from Ohio, she compelled my parents in New York to follow that rule. So, in a time when every young boy was playing cowboys and Indians, I was forever an Indian. She came to watch us boys while my parents traveled. In that time I had an appointment for my first dental filling. She said, “I promise that if you don’t cry, I will buy you anything you want at the toy store afterwards.” I believe I was silent from the time we got into the car until we were at the toy store afterwards. I marched up to the Roy Rogers cap gun set in the plastic leather loo

MoonCatcher Project

Try to imagine what it must be like to be a girl who cannot attend school for several days each month due to normal functions of puberty. Also imagine not understanding what is happening to your body because neither your mother nor your school ever explained it to you. Worse yet, imagine having no future in life, except for early motherhood, as a result of this situation. The MoonCatcher Project strives to end the deprivation that girls experience by providing them with washable and reusable feminine hygiene kits. Churches in the United States have been participating in “MoonBees” – assembly-line style sewing bees where the kits are stitched and assembled. Even if a person does not sew, ther

Letting the CAT out of the Bag

Imagine a friend asks you to describe your church. What would you say? Chances are, your answer comes from: what you like about the church and what you have experienced. But no one could give a full picture or know what other people thought. This October, you can help us change that as we "let the CAT out of the bag." CAT stands for Congregational Assessment Tool. This is an online instrument (also available in paper copies) that will help our church gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church. The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping Westminster Presbyterian Church make decisions about the future and what skills to look for in the next called pasto

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