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What Follows the CAT?

Firstly, thank you to those who completed the CAT survey. And thank you to a small team being resourced by Cynthia Molinari that is doing a quick demographic and community study. Secondly: “So now what?” you may rightly be asking. The report will be compiled. In addition to the survey there is church finance data we need to submit. That will not be readily available until December. Transition Team then will be scheduling a time with our consultant, Keli, to interpret the report to the team. We will also ask her: What are good methods for interpreting the report to the congregation? What are the questions we should be asking in light of this? How do we combine insights from the demographic re

Helping Students in West Africa

For well over a decade Westminster Presbyterian Church has actively lead several humanitarian projects in West Africa. These efforts in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have primarily focused on enriching the lives of children through improved nutrition and better access to healthcare and educational opportunities. As we continue to exchange ideas and information with our various partners in West Africa, and as a result of our own Mission Trips to visit our partners, we know that our efforts have yielded positive results. We cannot do this important work without the continuing support of so many of you who understand the many needs and donate to fund these efforts. Sometimes merely donating

Kairos Time Brings Hope

A fellow pastor recently shared the following: “Not exactly the proudest time in history to be male: a male Supreme Court nominee with sexual harassment allegations against him who will most likely be elected anyway; a number of male Hollywood execs, directors, actors who have been named as sexual predators; the Nobel Peace prize being given out to a person who have brought healing to women sexually assaulted by males and to another who fought against sex crimes/violence perpetrated by males; a group of male clergy who sexually abused and violated young men and were subsequently protected by other male clergy. As a male, I find this pattern incredibly disturbing. Perhaps we can help each oth

Peace At All Times, In All Ways

"Now may the Lord of peace...give you peace at all times in all ways." — 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Sometimes it feels the world is coming at us so quickly that we don’t know which way to turn, where to look, what to do next. In a chaotic world, we find strength in knowing that God is always near. Today, we are joining in Paul’s prayer that God grant us “peace at all times, in all ways.” Peace. For our world, our family, our community, our church, and ourselves — peace at all times, in all ways. When the peace treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979, President Jimmy Carter quoted the journalist Walker Knight, saying “peace is active, not passive; peace is doing, not waiting ... peace, l

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