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FOCUS Advent 2018 Devotional: Week One - Hope

December 2nd, 2018 Luke 21:25-36 Rev. Renee Hollinshed, FOCUS Acting Executive Director There is nothing strange about the events being reported in today’s news leading to devastation.This scripture warns us of this imminent destruction, but our joy shall focus on the coming of God’s kingdom! Those who lack a relationship with God may be filled with fear and uncertainty, but Christians can rest assured that “Help is on the way!” (v. 28, MSG) Jesus is reminding us to “watch and pray constantly.” We are not to get caught in the web of “parties, drinking and shopping,” for we don’t want to be caught off guard, unaware, or asleep at our post. When we guard our hearts and minds against the things

“Abundant Life, Joyous Generosity”

“Abundant Life, Joyous Generosity” Stewardship at Westminster Presbyterian Church God’s Resources Managed by God’s People in God’s Way What is stewardship and why do we give to Westminster? Stewardship discussions often focus on budgetary needs. This year we would like to reflect on what it means to be good stewards of God’s resources and Christian ministry: God owns everything. Since God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, everything belongs to him. The sum total of the personal abilities, financial resources, hours and opportunities that make up our lives are God’s gift to us. 1 Chronicles 29:14-18; Psalm 24:1,2; Colossians 1:15-20 God demands responsibility. God has assigned eac

Spiritual Preparation for Voting

Election Day is coming. It’s time to weigh the real-world consequences of our vote. It is also time to consider our spiritual obligations. I suspect that’s not something we often think about. But as Christians, we really should think about it. So, how do we make a decision about voting marked by thoughtful, deliberative, and spiritual preparation? Here are some thoughts: 1: Don’t vote your fears or your anger. Learn from them. Then vote. Although commentators are inclined to blame only one side or the other for voting out of fear and anger, in truth, there is plenty of fear and anger to go around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fear and anger are useful emotions, if they are examined. T

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