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Cold Snap Thoughts

I went to bed last night having seen that the outside temperature was -3℉. This morning, it was up to 2℉ when I drove to work. Before it started, my car made the same sound I did before my morning coffee. I dressed in layers even inside last night. I put an extra blanket on my bed and wore my thermal underwear and socks to bed. The bed is right next to windows. I, and most of the covers, woke up on the side of the bed furthest from the windows. I turned the heat down less overnight than I had been doing. National Grid will love sending me the next bill. Still, the apartment is a little cooler than normal. Things in PA are hard for my wife and daughter. The heating are supplemented with a sp

Lessons from the Retail World

Pastor and church consultant Carey Nieuwhof wrote the following observations about what the decline in retail/mall shopping can teach churches. It’s worth reading. Pastor Bill WHAT THE SLOW DEATH OF RETAIL CAN TEACH CHURCHES It doesn’t take keen observation to notice that malls are not what they used to be. Retail as we’ve known it, is slowly dying before our eyes. As some major news outlets (themselves in transition) have outlined, malls are closing, formerly dominant chains are in decline, and flagship stores are changing. All of this has implications for how we accomplish our mission as a church. Wise church leaders change their approach to not just preserve the mission of the church, but

Traveling by a Different Way

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The new year is a time that people make resolutions on how they want to move ahead in better ways in the coming year. Resolutions cover areas from personal health or appearance or behavior or relationships. We have a feeling we can do better. Churches also can make resolutions to help them move ahead in better ways. Because churches are made up of many people of many backgrounds and of different stages in life, it takes longer to develop resolutions that impact the church and that most, if not all can agree on. That longer process is what was begun in last April’s congregational conversation, and was continued through the CAT survey. The results of that are now back. Overall,

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