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Saints and Zombies

Halloween or Hallow’s Eve would not be possible without All Hallows Day, or All Saints Day, Nov. 1. The frights of the Eve were banished by the power of the saints’ example the next day. Nowadays, zombies get more press in public media than saints. There are movies, AMC TV series, novels, comic books, and even Zombie walks in cities scheduled for Halloween. Zombie stories ask this religious question: What reason do we have for the hope within us? Why, in the face of the global food crisis, a genocide every decade, climate change, world poverty and finally, the ravenous dead -- why, in the face of all that, do we not just lie down and die? The example of the saints, people of faith, give an a

Threads or Sticks

Threads can look a lot like sticks. But they are wonderfully different. Threads, or strands of yarn, are soft to the touch. Sticks are rigid and hard.That’s the easy difference to name. But even more differences come from the ways we use each in our lives. Because of their rigidity, sticks are good at making fences. Even when lines get drawn, they are used often to define pieces and places as in a grid. The next step is to decide which parts get separated into which sections. The result can be a piecemeal collection of distinct pieces, but without an overall unity or purpose. In contrast, threads are flexible enough to be combined in ways that make a new single thing that serves a larger pur

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