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Grief, Tombs, and New Life in COVID-19 Times

As I was reflecting on the story of Jesus raising Lazarus, I was struck that despite the happy ending, there was a lot of grief in the early part of the account. Mary and Martha grieved over the illness of Lazarus and sent word to Jesus. After Lazarus’ death, Martha’s grief came out as anger at Jesus for coming too late. And even Jesus wept in grief for Lazarus, despite knowing the outcome. Even when we know all is not ended and life will go on, there is grief. It’s the same with us now. Some of the Presbytery’s ministers met virtually the other day — a screen full of faces in a scene becoming more common everywhere. We talked about the adjustments we’re making in this harrowing time of a pa

Doing the Next Right Thing

Where do we start? We feel threatened by something we can’t see but whose results are increasingly, painfully obvious. It’s a time to breathe deeply, admit we are confused and stunned, then to pray, and stick together in spirit and in reality. There are websites to help tell us, "What it means, What is True, and What to do." Some very tense religious people are going to insist that their Scripture answers all these questions. Some quote Psalm 91:5-6: “You will not fear the terror of the night, . . . , or the plague that stalks in darkness.” “Trust God and pray,” say others. There’s nothing wrong with that but we can’t then just sit back. God’s answers to our prayers often include the words “

Your Gifts Make These West African Ministries Possible

Westminster Presbyterian Church has been blessed by its involvement with African Christians, both in a local way and in overseas partnership. Locally, we have been blessed by the participation of many immigrant families from Africa - largely West Africa. They have brought new perspectives to our work, introductions to our mission partners in Africa, and new awareness of the struggles faced by immigrants and refugees, along with ways to help. For almost two decades, Westminster Presbyterian Church has shared in several mission projects in West Africa developed through the contacts our immigrant members brought to the church. Our efforts started in Ghana and widened to include Liberia and Sier

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