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How to Influence Your Elected Representatives: A Personal Blog

Do you want to share your thoughts with federal elected representatives concerning what should be included in their fourth stimulus bill or any other issue? I have written this blog for those who do not regularly lobby and are interested in how I have gone about conveying my concerns to the legislators representing me. It is a format which can be used for lobbying a legislator now or with any issue. It is divided into three sections: Selecting a Personal Message, Lobbying Choices, and Specific Steps in Convening a Message. Selecting Your Personal Message to Your Legislator Following current issues and letting your legislator know what you think the government should be doing about them is a

Giants Keep Coming

The future is out there and it is up to you to shape it. That will be a common message this time of year at graduation speeches, even those given virtually this year. Speakers make it seem like an enjoyable challenge but it’s also a gigantic task and can be a bit overwhelming. That’s especially true this year. There will be calls to rebuild the economy, and help us return to normal. No, say others, we want something better than the old normal. It’s also a true statement for Westminster as you bring on a new pastor in the face of continuing challenges caused by the pandemic. Overwhelming indeed. To help you feel merely whelmed, we can get lessons from the way David confronted a giant named Go

“Behold, I am doing a new thing.”

In Isaiah 43:19, the Lord God says through the prophet “Behold, I am doing a new thing.” A large number of those hearing this word were in exile in Babylon. They did want a change. They wanted to be released from captivity in a foreign land. They wanted freedom from fear of their oppressors. And today, we too are praying for a release from captivity, freedom from the exile to our own homes, and freedom from the fear of illness and death. This has been long enough, Lord. Do a new thing and free us. I have no doubt though that what most Israelites wanted was a new thing (release) that led back to the same old thing that they were used to - autonomy for Judah/Israel, the Jerusalem Temple up and

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