Partnerships in Ghana - Westminster Mission Team Trip: July 25 - Aug 9

Pastor Jim Reisner spoke on Thursday to a group of Children at the Okushibri Community School, Westminster travel team members, and Okushibri on Thursday, July 28.  The team returns on August 5 to build the furniture for the school's new library;  Westminster sent the money to purchased the wood for the new furniture.

In the picture shown above, Pastor Jim Reisner spoke to a group of Children at the Okushibri Community School on Thursday, July 28. The team returns on August 5 to complete the school's new library; Westminster sent the money to purchase the wood for library furniture.

Jones Ntorinkansah, Tema Planning Committee Chair for the 2016 Westminster visit to Ghana (a member of Greenwich Meridian) has been sending daily reports about Mission Team activities. There have also been text reports from Rev. Alice Kyei-Anti (Mama Alice), a Westminster visitor in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012. See below for a daily digest.

You can learn more about this Mission Trip and what we plan to do while in Ghana in the Blog Article: Transforming Lives of Children in Ghana.

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August 3

Today the team met the Greenwich Meridian physically challenged, the scholarship committee & scholarship beneficiaries from morning through the afternoon. There is another meeting tonight at Greenwich with the Church Bible Study and Prayer group from 19:00 hrs to about 20:30 hrs. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

I am at Tema today with the team. We are meeting students. ~Mama Alice

August 1

Peace be unto you!

The Albany team had a very exhaustive and successful day at Redemption yesterday. Today 1st August they are scheduled for a meeting with the aged and widows. Later in the day they will also meet the scholarship committee and session. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

July 31

Peace be unto you! The Albany team returned safely to Tema at about 21:30 hrs 30/07 and therefore missed the Choral festival program at Redemption. This morning 31/07 they are attending church services and various meetings at Redemption as planned. Stay blessed. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

Note: The Team worshipped at Redemption Church on Sunday, July 31. Pastor Jim Reisner preached at the early service in English. Members of the Westminster Team were asked to read in English and Twi.

July 30

Peace be unto you! Albany team spent the night at Cape Coast, now proceeding to Kakum Forest Reserve/Elmina. Expected to return to Tema by 14:00hrs and then attend a Choral Festival program at Redemption at 19:00 hrs tonight 30/07. Best regards. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

July 29 PM

Peace be unto you! The Albany team departed Tema at about 08:45hrs this morning 29/07 for PCG offices in Accra and then continue to Cape Coast & Elmina Castles and environs. They will spend the night at Cape Coast and return on Saturday 30/07. Stay blessed. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

In the picture shown above, team members Mavis Littlejohn and Nana Dr. Gabriel K. Ofori-Okai are helping to complete furniture for the Okushibri School Library.

July 28

The Albany team visited Redemption & Greenwich schools, had a working day at Okushibri library project and had a meeting with Greenwich men's Fellowship which ended at about 20:30 hrs 28/07. Stay blessed. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

Note: HOCAP Missions runs a school in the Okushibri community to which Westminster contributed quite significantly in 2013. The school is located south of the city as you head toward the Port of Tema.

In the picture shown above, the Headmistress from the State School for the Deaf is speaking from a head table that includes Pastor Jim Reisner, Education Minister Rev. Anokye Nkansah, Rev. Alice Kyei-Anti, and Rev. Josh Heikkila.

In the picture shown above, eight of ten State School for the Deaf students funded by Westminster for 2016-17 are introduced to the team. While in Ghana, the team will make arrangements for the education of eligible pupils next year.

July 27 PM

The Albany team returned to Tema at about 17:30 hrs today 27/07 from visits to the schools for the deaf & blind and the Tetteh Quashie first cocoa farm. They are now with their host families as planned. Best regards. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

July 27 AM

The Albany team led by Pastor Jim arrived 21:25hrs last night . They were met at the airport by some members of the planning committee at about 22:30hrs 26th July and checked in to Hotel Joecarl in Tema. There will be a brief arrival ceremony this morning after breakfast then they will proceed to visit schools for the deaf and blind as planned. Thanks and stay blessed. ~Jones Ntorinkansah

28 hours after leaving the Westminster parking lot, the team members from Albany were warmly greeted by the Tema Planning Committee.

The Westminster Team (seven from Albany and Rev. Josh Heikkila from Accra) pose with members of the Tema Planning Committee. Left to right in the photo the eight team members are: Mavis Littlejohn, Rev. Josh Heikkila, Willie White, Belinda Quaye, Rev. Jim Reisner, Deidre Powe, Jason Stewart, and Nana Dr. Gabriel K. Ofori-Okai (at the far right).

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