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October 24, 2019

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40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent

March 5, 2019


Day 1: Check out the Daily Devotion on the church’s Facebook page

Day 2: Invite a friend to share these ideas with

Day 3: Don’t turn on the car radio

Day 4: Put aside money for One Great Hour of Sharing

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus

Day 5: Take 5 minutes of silence at noon

Day 6: Look out the window until you find something of beauty you had not noticed before

Day 7: Give 5 items of clothing to Goodwill or similar charity

Day 8: No complaining day

Day 9: Do someone else’s chore

Day 10: Buy $5 fast food gift cards to give to homeless people you encounter or places helping the homeless

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus

Day 11: Call an old friend

Day 12: Pray the Paper (pray for people and situations in today’s news)

Day 13: Read Psalm 139

Day 14: Pay a few sincere compliments

Day 15: Make your day snark-free

Day 16: Explore the work of the Presbyterian Church USA here: www.presbyterianmission.org

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus

Day 17: Forgive someone

Day 18: Internet diet

Day 19: Change one light in your house to an LED bulb

Day 20: Pray for your enemies.

Day 21: Ask for help

Day 22: Tell someone what you are grateful for

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus.

Day 23: Introduce yourself to a neighbor

Day 24: Read Psalm 121

Day 25: Bake a cake

Day 26: No shopping day

Day 27: Walk, carpool, bike, or bus it

Day 28: Share a prayer with someone

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus

Day 29: Write a thank you note to your favorite teacher

Day 30: Invest in canvas shopping bags

Day 31: Make 10 people smile today

Day 32: Donate art supplies to your local elementary school

Day 33: Read John 8:1-11

Day 34: Worship at a friend’s mosque, synagogue, or church and look for the beauty

(Sunday) Give thanks for the love of Jesus

Day 35: Confess a secret

Day 36: No sugar day – where else is there sweetness in your life?

Day 37: Put aside more for the One Great Hour of Sharing

Day 38: Educate yourself about a person who is a good role model

Day 39: Pray for peace

Day 40: Pray for your enemies (you probably have new ones by now) then decide which of these exercises you’ll keep for good


+ Adapted from 40 Ideas for Keeping Lent Holy by Nadia Bolz-Weber



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