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Education at Westminster


For Children and Youth

At Westminster we highly value the Christian education of our children. From the time they enter the church at baptism until they leave our nest, our priority is teaching them the ways of Jesus.
Sunday Morning Church School
Church School is not only about learning the lesson in the book but also about learning to be disciples. We want every child who comes to Church School to read the Bible and pray for each other.
Gather in the Sanctuary for worship and Church School will gather and move with leaders to the third floor. Once we gather, we continue in Big Group where we sing, dance, pray with and for each other, and share our joys and concerns.

All ages will have a snack and sing songs together before breaking out into their individual classes. All our children and youth are welcome and encouraged to join us! To learn more, click on the links!
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For 20 & 30 somethings

Once a month, a diverse group of 20 & 30 somethings gather over good food to share what's going on in our lives. Different opinions are wanted and laughter is encouraged! 

Some of us are new to Albany, others are new to church. We're married and single, pursuing school and careers. We hope you join us!

Upcoming 20s & 30s Brunches

Looking forward to seeing you again - paused due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates.

Meet up at the 85 Chestnut Street door and we'll walk over together, or you can meet us there. As always, you're welcome to contribute $5 and Westminster will pick up the rest.

AFTER WORSHIP: Second Hour Forums


Following worship each Sunday morning, join us for coffee and conversation downstairs! We discuss pressing community events and problems, explore Biblical texts, hear speakers, learn about local and world mission, & more. Follow the crowd!

Westminster Guest Speaker Information

Are you planning to come to Westminster to speak? We have many options to ensure you are comfortable and effective with your presentation. In order to best prepare for your presentation, please fill out this Guest Speaker Information Form.

Click here for the

Westminster Guest Speaker Information Form

For Adults


BEFORE WORSHIP:  Bible Study & Worship Preparation


Meeting at 9:00 am in the Church Library, we will study the scriptures for that morning’s worship, review the hymns and prayers, and pray for the leaders of worship.  Come when you can – leave when you must. David McMillan leads discussion of the Biblical text for that morning’s worship.